Jewelry Making

Gemstones for Jewelry Making

Select Your Facet Grade Gemstones

At Sugar Creek Gem Mine every bucket of North Carolina gemstone rough that we sell offers facet grade gemstones; allowing you the unique opportunity to have your gemstone finds cut and set into jewelry. The expert staff at Sugar Creek Gem Mine will work with you to pick out the gemstones that are best suited for cutting. Sugar Creek has state of the art lapidary equipment and faceting supplies to ensure that every cut gemstone is flawless. There is nothing more beautiful than how a finished cut gemstone catches the light. Whether you are in search of a faceted gemstone necklace, bracelet, ring or that perfect set of custom gemstone earrings, Sugar Creek Gem Mine can bring any rough gemstone to life.

Cutting Your North Carolina Gemstones

Pricing for gem cutting at Sugar Creek Gem Mine is based on a flat rate depending on the type of stone being cut. Our expert gem cutters always cut the biggest and best faceted gemstone possible working around any potential flaws in the gemstone. Having Sugar Creek Gem Mine cut your gemstones is very affordable and we guarantee that your finished faceted gemstone will be worth more than the cost incurred for having your gemstones cut. Your finished cut gemstones create quite the conversation piece as not many people can say they “mined their own gemstones”.

If you have any questions about the gem cutting and jewelry making process at Sugar Creek Gem Mine feel free to contact a member of our NC Gem Mining consultant team and they can guide you through the process.